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We have approximately 20,000 square feet in our greenhouses, which we use for bedding plants, hanging baskets, and annual, and perennial production. (The greenhouse crops are conventionally grown.)


it's time to start thinking about your garden--we do!

Annuals: Geraniums, Proven winners, New Guinea impatiens, Pansies, hanging baskets.

Perennials: Roses, Hosta, day lilies, selections for all seasons interest

Supplies: Compost, potting soil, pottery, mulch, mixed patio planters and hanging baskets for sun or shade.


In the spring we have potted plants, hanging baskets, and gardening supplies.

Our helpful, experienced staff is here to assist with your plant selections and gardening questions, so come say hi!



we have wonderful fresh vegetables, flowers, and local eggs.



Applefield Farm stocks fall decorations, dried flowers, pumpkins, delicious local cider, and corn stalks.



We have some products that you can pick your own -- call for picking availability. We have a lot of vegetables already picked, and some available to pick your own. 

Don't forget to pick up flowers and plants to brighten up your yards this year.


PYO Prices:

Sweet peppers - $2.00 / lb

Hot peppers - $2.00 / lb

Flowers - $9.00 / lb

Herbs - $9.00 / lb

Tomatoes - $2.00 / lb

We have greenhouses bursting with annuals, perennials, hanging baskets, vegetable 

plants, and herbs for you to transplant, build your owbaskets and pots, or get one of 

Kirsten's beautiful creations. Flowers make us happy!


Applefield also offers seeds and gardening supplies, including high quality wrought

iron plant hooks and hangers, a wide assortment of clay pottery, and plant containers.


Need something to plant it all in?

We provide the complete line of McEnroe Organic potting soil, compost, top soil, and nursery mix as well as bulk bark mulch. (we deliver within a 10 mile radius). 


We also carry:

  • Local Raw Honey

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